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The goal of this page is to proved tips & tricks for individuals who are involved in medical imaging quality management.

This page is changed often so check back for more tips & tricks. If you would like to add you own tips or tricks? We do pay you for them.

Markers have always been one of those problem items that you have to keep up with but never quite have the time to organize. Below are some marker tips & tricks.

Numbers or Letter:
There has always been debate over numbers or letters. Below are a few points to consider.

  1. If the facility is paying for the markers. It is easier to reassign a number to a new tech than to hire a new tech that can use the initials of the technologist that just left.

  2. There is no need to buy new markers because the technologist gets married or divorced and changes their name.

Clip Markers:

ClipBar.jpg Most facilities keep clip markers in a box. But their is a better way. You can use a clip bar. By having the red side facing you it is simple to tell that it is a maker that is assigned to some one and a blue one can be given to a new tech.

This bar is made by a man in his grage you can call him at home (281)341-5993

Processor backing up?

DRAINA.JPG (54137 bytes) DRAINB.JPG (65226 bytes) One way to prevent the drain line leaving the processor from getting clogged up with alge (bio slime) is to have a gap of 1 to 2 in.This air gap between the processor outlet and the floor drain will prevent the alge (bio slime) from growing up from the floor drain and into the processor.

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