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    Refund/Return Policies

    All sales are final.

    It is the responsibility of the user to insure that their computer and Internet connection are fully capable of receiving and using the continuing education course.

    Fast CE provides a demonstration course free of charge to allow individuals the opportunity to test their Internet connection and computer capabilities before purchase.

    If there's a network outrage or server problem on Fast CE's side of the network Fast CE's sole remedy and responsibility is to extend the period in which an individual is allowed to complete the course.

    Individuals called to active military duty may request a refund or an extension by contacting 713-588-0369.

    Individuals who are the victims of extenuating circumstances such as a death of a close family member, victim of a natural disaster such as a flood or tornado, family medical emergency, personal medical emergency or other extenuating circumstances may contact at 713-588-0369 to discuss their situation.

    Live Courses Refund Policies

    All sales are final.

    Live courses are held rain or shine!! is not responsible for your vehicle or your personal safety during your travel to or from the seminar. has a right to substitute speakers and or subjects that are ASRT approved without prior notice.

    Request for refunds must be made in writing and received before the mail in deadline. Request for refunds received before the mail in deadline are subject to a 30% processing fee. No refunds will be made after the mail in deadline.

    Live courses are held in public buildings that are under the control of the government or other groups and are not under the exclusive control of There is a remote possibility of seizure by the government or other entity of the building, because of damage by fire or some other event beyond the control of making the building not available for the seminar.

    Should an event beyond the reasonable control of cause the seminar not to be held, at's own discretion your soul remedies are listed below.

    1) Reschedule and hold the seminar within ninety days in a location reasonably close to the original location.

    2) Refund the monies paid by the participants.

    3) Substitute the cancelable live course with an equal or greater number of credits of online courses.

    4) Or a mix of the items listed above.

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    All sales are final.

    If there's a network outrage or server problems on Fast CE's side of the network Fast CE's sole remedy and responsibility is to extend the period in which an individual is allowed to down load the files.

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